Certified tranlations

A new Act on the Profession of Sworn Translator entered into force on 27 January 2005 (Journal of Laws, No. 273, item 2702). Certified translation and interpretation may be performed only by the translators who met the requirements provided for in the Act and were entered into the list of sworn translators maintained by the Minister of Justice.

We usually use the service of sworn translators for the translation of documents that are required by particular agencies to be certified. These include diplomas, certificates of qualifications, marriage certificates, imported car documents and wills among others. A sworn translator always requires an original text in order to certify the translation therefore such documents should be always submitted personally.

In sending us documents by fax or e-mail it is only possible for you to receive a certified translation conforming to the copy. We also provide interpretation services by sworn translators (e.g. in law offices, registry offices).

After the Act on the Profession of Sworn Translator entered into force, each sworn translator may calculate the remuneration according to their own price lists, however, the majority of translators applies the rates included in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice dated 24 January 2005. Pursuant to the new Regulation of the Minister of Justice on the remuneration of sworn translators, 1 page of a certified translation is taken to be 1125 characters with spaces and a page begun is counted as a whole page. 1 page is the minimum calculation unit.