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Apr 24, 2024

Dear Clients,
we are glad that our March structural change, i.e. the addition of YELLOW to the DIUNA Group, has not affected our existing cooperation. Thank you for your openness and understanding. We are trying to make these changes unnoticeable to you. We are glad to present a new edition of our translation packages, carefully designed to better meet your diverse needs.

💚 The FORMAL package will be an ideal choice if you need precise translations of business documents or official correspondence.

💙 The BUSINESS package is for you if your documents need additional linguistic proofreading. This is perfect for translating contracts and agreements or manuals.

🧡 The EXPERT package is a good choice if your document should be handled by a translator with specialised knowledge. The additional substantive revision by an expert translator will be especially useful when translating scientific articles or medical records.

💖 The “Impact” package is a combination of “Business” and “Expert.” You will receive not only substantive revision of the document but also linguistic proofreading by a native speaker of the target language. You should pick it if you want to translate sales materials, catalogues or tender bids.

💜 We have prepared the “Creative” package for digital creators and businesses looking to conquer foreign markets. It will make the products more visible online and the documents tailored to the culture of a given country.

In each package, you will receive high quality translations subjected to internal quality and terminology consistency control in accordance with our ISO 17100:2015 Quality Certificate.

Take a look at our offer at: and read a little more about the packages on our blog.

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