Proofreading and verification

Each translation is a separate project. Correction and verification of all translated texts guarantee that they are of the highest quality. Additionally, we offer a number of specialist corrections and verifications.
Native speaker proofreading is mainly used for stylistic editing of the text. Thanks to this kind of proofreading the reader will be unable to recognize a text as having been translated.

Three step editing and proofreading of the text for publication. All translations for publication require this three step editing and proofreading. This service includes: language, native speaker and layout proofreading (This involves the standard rate).

Translation/verification of a highly specialist translation. The conditions for highly specialist translation and verification are individually agreed. In general, a substantive proofreading is performed by the appropriate trade specialist.

Please note that typical legal, financial, medical and technical texts are not regarded as specialist texts unless they include vocabulary that can be translated correctly only by the trade specialist.

Adaptation of a text according to the individual needs of a client. In many cases a text should be adapted to the detailed terminological requirements of the client, to accord with the internal language of a company or a trade.. In this case we advise a two-step verification of the text whereby the completed translation is passed back to the client to verify vocabulary and then returned to us for final proofreading. We also prepare an alphabetical and thematic glossary of terms used.

In the case of advertisement texts that require adaptation to the specifications of a particular market, the behaviour of clients or a particular cultural background, we offer the translation taking all of the abovementioned elements into account.

Verification or proofreading of translations performed by other parties. All the above-mentioned types of proofreading and verification are used not only in the case of translations performed by us, but also in the case of translations performed by other parties. In submitting a previously translated text to our proofreading department, you may be certain that the text will emerge correct.